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White Fillings

Get White Fillings to Match Your Naturally Beautiful Smile

What are White Fillings?

White fillings are used to repair damaged teeth but are significantly more aesthetically pleasing than dark-coloured ones. They are designed to closely match the shade of the natural teeth for maximum cosmetic improvement while also restoring the function of the affected teeth. White fillings eliminate the embarrassment of having dark fillings that can easily be seen when you smile, laugh, or speak.

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What can be expected from the procedure for white fillings?

  • A local anaesthetic will be administered to ensure that the procedure can be completed in a pain-free manner for your complete comfort.
  • The affected tooth will be prepared by removing all traces of decay before the filling can be placed.
  • After the decayed tissue is removed, the tooth will then be shaped so it can more easily accommodate the white filling.
  • The dentist in Hertfordshire will then proceed to the application of the composite material layer by layer, with each layer individually layered using a special bright light to ensure the filling’s complete and lasting strength.
  • When all the composite material’s layers have been placed and hardened using the bright light, the filling will then be shaped to perfectly match the natural form of the tooth. This will help guarantee that the filling is accommodated properly without compromising your normal bite.
  • After contouring the white filling, it will then be polished so it can resist staining, providing you with long-term aesthetic benefits.

Dental / White Fillings Price List

Amalgam fillings depending on complexityfrom £85
Tooth coloured filling depending on complexityfrom £105