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Root Canal Treatment

Saving a Tooth with a Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is an advanced procedure that clears up the infection from the tooth’s roots and pulp portion. It is done to ensure that the infection does not have a chance to spread to other parts of the tooth as well as to the surrounding tissues. This treatment also delivers permanent relief from the often-severe pain that is associated with a diseased or infected tooth.

Infection in the tooth pulp leads to swelling, which, in turn, causes the nerves to get pinched. This results in extreme discomfort that can significantly affect your quality of life, especially if the infection starts to worsen within the tooth.

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What are the advantages of a root canal treatment?

Permanent pain relief – An infected tooth can cause a great deal of pain. A root canal treatment in our clinic in Hertfordshire removes the infected portion in the dental roots, eliminating the cause of your extreme discomfort. This will enable you to enjoy your smile’s healthy form and function without pain.

Save a tooth from extraction – A decayed or damaged tooth can still be saved from extraction if the infected parts are removed with a root canal treatment. The tooth’s appearance and function can be restored after the roots are cleared of infection, allowing you to enjoy a complete smile for longer.

Prevent infection from spreading – The infection on the tooth roots can eventually spread to the surrounding teeth or gum tissues. To prevent the problem from worsening and spreading to other parts of the body, a root canal treatment can be done to remove the infected tissue. This way, the affected tooth is saved, and the infection is stopped before it can progress to bigger problems.

Root Canal Treatment Price List

Root canal treatment consultation£50
Root canal treatment single rootfrom £275
Root canal treatment multiple rootsfrom £385
Root canal retreatmentfrom £495* - complexity dependent
Apisectomyfrom £385