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Full Mouth Implants / All on 4

Bring Back your Magnificent Smile with Full Mouth Implants

What are Full Mouth Implants?

Full mouth implants are used to restore the function and appearance of the smile after multiple tooth loss. This treatment can also be called “All on 4 Implants” if four dental implants are embedded into the jawbone to hold a fixed bridge in place. There are times when six dental implants are used, in which case the treatment is called “All on 6 Implants”.

What makes elevates this treatment from other dental implant options is that you will not need to go toothless even when you are still waiting for the permanent prosthesis. This is because a temporary set of teeth restorations will be attached to the dental implants on the treatment day, enabling you to walk out of our clinic in Potter’s Bar with confidence and with complete smile.

Let’s Get Your Missing Teeth Back

We have Master-qualified Implant Dentists and One of our Dentists is a Lecturer in Advanced Full-mouth Techniques

What to expect from the Full Mouth Implant/All On 4 Dental Implants procedure

  • During the initial consultation, the dentist will determine if the jawbone has sufficient structure to hold the implants in place. This phase may involve diagnostics such as X-rays or CT scans that will provide a clear view of the oral cavity, enabling safe and efficient treatment planning.
  • The temporary teeth restoration is created to ensure that you will not go through a toothless period while waiting for the dental implants to heal.
  • IV sedation will be be administered to ensure a pain-free, comfortable surgical procedure.
  • Surgery: After making incisions on the gum tissue, the four dental implants will be placed in strategic areas in the jaw. The implants will then be covered and left alone for a few months, allowing them to integrate with the surrounding tissue.
  • The temporary teeth restoration is attached to the dental implants, after which you can go home to get back to your normal activities.
  • After several months (depending on the healing time) when the dental implants are completely healed and have been integrated into the jawbone, the final fixed bridge will be permanently attached to restore the smile’s healthy function and form.