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Fast and Hassle-Free Missing Teeth Replacement with Dentures

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable restorations that are used to replace the function and appearance of natural teeth that have been lost due to various reasons. Their main advantage is that they can quickly restore the smile without the long waiting period that is associated with other missing teeth solutions, such as dental implants. You can once again enjoy a natural-looking smile after tooth loss with the help of dentures.

Also referred to as false teeth, dentures are designed to have a tight fit over the gums to maintain a secure attachment to the mouth. However, they have the tendency to become loose over time as the jawbone deteriorates without enough stimulation from tooth root replacements.

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There are two types of dentures depending on the number of missing teeth that need to be replaced:

Partial – A partial denture is used to replace the function of one lost tooth or a few missing teeth. It closes the gap that was caused by the tooth loss, making the smile look complete and healthy once more. Partial dentures can prevent the teeth on both sides of the tooth loss gap from moving. This enables the teeth to preserve their proper position and alignment instead of naturally shifting into the space that was created by missing teeth.

Complete – Complete or full dentures restore the appearance and function of an entire arch of teeth (upper or lower) when all teeth have gone missing. Complete dentures can be fitted immediately so you will have instant teeth replacements and will not need to go through a toothless phase if there are tooth extractions involved. However, this method can lead to fit issues in the future, since the gums are not yet healed properly and will eventually change in shape. The conventional method, on the other hand, allows the gums to fully heal for several weeks before the final full dentures are created. This results in a better fit for long-term benefits.

Dentures Price List

Partial acrylic dentures per archfrom £425
Full acrylic dentures per archfrom £715
Metal denture (Chrome-Cobalt) per archfrom £825
Flexible denture per archfrom £525* - number of teeth