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Dental Check-ups and Examinations

Maintain Good Oral Health Care with Regular Dental Check-ups

Why You Need Regular Dental Check-ups

Going to regular dental check-ups is an important aspect of good dental health. A thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and inner mouth can determine which treatments are needed to improve your dental health.

A dental hygienist is professionally trained to spot the earliest signs of dental problems and gum health issues. This will make it easier for you to avoid more complicated – and costlier – procedures in the future, which can be a risk if the problems progress further without the proper intervention.

Let’s Get Your Teeth Healthy and You Smiling Again

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What will the dental check-ups involve? The following treatments are what you can expect with your regular dental appointments. 

  • Hygiene treatments – include professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque buildup that is not easily removable by regular tooth brushing alone. Scaling and polishing may also be done to improve or preserve your teeth’s aesthetics and overall health.
  • Sensitive teeth treatment – this involves identifying the source of the tooth sensitivity so it can be properly addressed with the appropriate treatment. The problem can be caused by enamel erosion or cavities that expose the tooth roots. Proper personal oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups can help prevent sensitive teeth problems, so you will not need to deal with the discomfort that it brings.
  • Gum health care – Dental examinations will help with maintaining good gum health. The hygienist will be able to detect the earliest signs of gum disease and then provide the correct diagnosis and treatment. This can prevent the problem from worsening, saving you from extreme discomfort and more expensive procedures.
  • Fresh breath treatment – Regular dental examinations can help ensure that plaque is removed before it can cause issues, including bad breath. The hygienist can also give you tips on how to maintain fresh breath.

Our General Dentistry Price List

New patient dental examination / check-up£45
Existing patient dental examination / check-up£35
Children's dental examination 0-12 years£20
Children's dental examination 13-17 years£25
X-rays£9 each
OPG X-ray£45