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Six Month Smiles

Short-Term Teeth Straightening Time with Six Month Smiles

What is the Six Month Smiles treatment?

Six Month Smiles is a teeth straightening method in Potters Bar that can move the teeth into proper alignment in as short as six months, depending on case severity. This is because it focuses only on the teeth that are visible when you smile instead of treating all the teeth on the upper and lower arches. The system uses brackets and wires that are designed to almost blend in with the teeth’s natural shade, resulting in a discreet orthodontic treatment that can be completed without the embarrassment that can come from having a “metal mouth”. 

There is also a Six Month Smiles option that uses clear aligners. This gives you the freedom to remove the aligner when needed for comfort and convenience while still being able to get maximum orthodontic benefits within the same treatment time frame.

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What conditions require tooth extractions?

  • Impacted wisdom tooth – When the wisdom tooth does not grow out from under the gum line in a normal way, it becomes impacted. In this position, it becomes more prone to decay since it cannot be reached with normal tooth brushing. If it gets infected, it will need to be removed before the infection spreads to surrounding neighbouring teeth and gums.
  • After multiple root canal treatments – A tooth that has gone through multiple root canal treatments and still does show significant improvement may need to be extracted to maintain good dental health.
  • Loose tooth due to periodontal disease – Periodontal disease can result in the gums receding and losing their supportive structure around the teeth. In this case, the tooth will eventually loosen as well and may need to be extracted.
  • Extensively decayed tooth – When a tooth becomes so decayed that no other treatment can save it, a tooth extraction procedure is necessary to provide permanent pain relief and to stop the damage from spreading to other teeth.
  • Severely broken tooth – A tooth that has been severely damaged or broken and cannot be saved by other procedures will need to be addressed with tooth extraction for overall good dental health.
  • Orthodontic treatment preparation – Tooth extraction may be necessary when there is a problem with teeth overcrowding. It can also be done to remove a tooth or several teeth as part of the preparation for orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics Price List

Invisalign & Dental Braces consultation*£50. If you proceed with treatment, the consultation fee will go towards the quotation.
Orthodontic consultation£50
Six Month Smiles® Orthodonticsfrom £3,410
Invisalign Lite

14 aligners for minor crowding/spacing cases. Treatment duration: Approx. 5 - 7 months.
Invisalign Moderate-Advanced

22-28 aligners for moderate crowding/spacing cases. Treatment duration: Approx. 12 - 18 months.
£3,450 - £3,950
Invisalign Comprehensive

28+ aligners for complex crowding/spacing cases. Treatment duration: Approx. 18 months.