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Dental Emergency Treatment Covering Barnet. While the majority of dental health concerns can be addressed in regular dental appointments, there are cases that need urgent attention and cannot wait until the dentist’s regular clinic hours. Emergency dentistry is necessary for immediate pain relief in cases of dental problems that cause severe discomfort. 

It can also ensure that the dental problem does not progress further into something that is more complicated and harder to treat. See our Emergency Dentist in Potters Bar today.

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Our Emergency Dentistry Price List

The Emergency Consultation/Assessment fee is for the dentist to look and see what the problem is.

If treatment is required then charges will apply as per our price list.  We will provide a breakdown of the fees depending on what is required.

Emergency consultation/Assessment
including X-rays (Existing patients)
Emergency consultation/Assessment
including X-rays (New patients)
Antibiotics dispense£19.50

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Emergency Dentist in Potters Bar

Which dental problems need immediate dental treatment?

  • Trauma to the mouth – Traumatic injury can result when blunt force is applied to the mouth area. This can lead to extensive bleeding, especially when the soft inner mouth tissues are injured. Emergency dental care is necessary to deal with the bleeding and the injury that caused it in the first place.
  • Knocked-out tooth – A tooth can be knocked out due to plenty of reasons, including injuries while playing contact sports and accidents. It is important to see the dentist right away to ensure that the tooth can still be reimplanted – which may not be possible if a long time has passed since it was knocked out from its socket.
  • Lost dental crown or dental filling – A lost dental crown or filling needs urgent attention to ensure that the treated tooth – and its pulp – will not be left without its protective covering for long. The tooth restoration will need to be placed back to prevent the discomfort that can arise when the tooth roots are exposed.
  • Broken or chipped tooth – A chipped or broken tooth needs to be seen by an emergency dentist so that the damage will not progress further.
  • Severe toothache – Extreme pain can be experienced with various dental problems, including dental abscess and impacted wisdom teeth. Emergency dental care can provide immediate and lasting pain relief so you can go back to your normal activities without being bothered by a great deal of discomfort.
  • Root canal treatment – An infected tooth may need to be examined and treated by an emergency dentist at Hertfordshire if it starts to bring severe pain. A root canal treatment can offer much-needed pain relief and prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth or to the gums.

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